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Our top selling tools all in one discounted set:

Alpha 6 "Straight Shot" Carbon Fiber Maul Stick- Indestructible and lightweight carbon fiber maul stick with a high-density non-marking tip. Approximately 35" long (optional upgrade to telescoping version/ skate maul/ telescoping skate maul can be found on this listing).
Alpha 6 Brush Holder- Handmade aluminum paint brush life extender. Gravity aids in proper oil retention in the heal of brushes to preserve the tools of your trade. Sturdy and clean construction, guaranteed to last a life time.
Alpha 6 Mini Pallet- Lightweight handmade stainless steel pallet with two fixed cup holders and one fixed clip for streamlined organization and easy cleanup. Sturdy construction and innovative design to make your artistic process smoother! Includes non-slip cork bottom.

**PLEASE NOTE** Because of the handmade custom nature of this item, the creation and shipping can be delayed. We try to get all orders filled within 5 business days but occasionally an item can take up to 10 business days to be sent out. We are more than happy to provide estimates on turnaround and tracking information as soon as we have it available- please email us to request this information!

International shipping is not automated through Big Cartel as we prefer to give estimates on the cost before ordering- please email us if you live outside of the United States and are interested in our products!

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